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Chef Francesco

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Growing up in beautiful Sicily, our chef was immersed in what it means to invent dishes with passion and creativity. That passion led him to attend and graduate from the Ugo Mursia Cucina Italiana culinary school and gain experience in the local community while working at a popular coastal hotel. After immigrating to America in 2013 and becoming a US citizen, Francesco found a home at the Robersonville La Casetta. There, he worked for two years before moving to New Bern and bringing with him a excellence that goes unsurpassed by any kitchen in the area. Although his mother and sister still reside in Italy, he loves being in New Bern where he enjoys working on cars, playing soccer and of course, making the best Italian food in Eastern NC! Chef Francesco remains passionate about bringing the tastes and hospitality of Italian culture to you and your family so make sure to come see him tonight. You won't regret it!

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