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Stores out of food, we've got ya

Even though we can't open our dining room for now, we still have a way to keep you full of amazing Italian food and good home cooking. Order online and you have the option of either curb-side pickup or delivery. We know this situation is a little stressful, but getting food shouldn't be. We're also taking 30% off all our bottles of wine. Give us a call or simply order online. Make a note of pickup or delivery and know we're still making wonderful meals.

Keep the faith New Bern, we've been through worse and will make it through this too!

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Unknown member
Jan 15, 2022

Terms used to describe OSU's football season:·Crazy·Roller Coaster·Unpredictable·PsychoticWe were all perplexed. The only thing we knew was if we expected them to win, they lost. When we expected them to get lathered up, they either won or came within a hair of doing so. Even Head Coach Mike Gundy has said "I don't have the answer. It's the dangdest thing I've ever seen."Despite our amateur analysis, we all had some idea what was coming last Saturday because we've all been paying attention during the previous eleven games.Hell, we had an inkling what was coming at Baylor because we watched the game in Manhattan.We could have guessed what happened in….well, honestly, nobody had any clue THAT was going to …

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