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Summer Nights Call For Summer Fun

Come check out our new deck for a beautiful night of fun and amazing food.

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Unknown member
Jan 15, 2022

Happy bowl season college football fans! This weekend will be the start of bowl season starting out from the worst bowl games to the grand daddy of them all, The National Championship in Arizona. Here are the rankings from best to worst, leave your top 10 rankings in the comments.1. Oklahoma vs. Clemnson, Orange Bowl: A rematch from last year's Russell Athletic Bowl and the Sooners are coming for blood after what happened last season.2. Michigian State vs. Alabama, Cotton Bowl: The Spartans are back in the Cotton Bowl and looking to pull another miracle as they are the underdog against highly favorite team, Alabama.3. Iowa vs. Stanford, Rose Bowl: Iowa didn't win the Big 10 Championship, …


Gary Staley
Gary Staley
Jun 11, 2020

The deck looks wonderful. Can't wait to try it out. See you soon.

Gary and Marilyn Staley

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