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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

La Casetta family: You know we have the best Italian food in New Bern, but we want to take that one step further. Give us your best suggestion for a dish that isn't currently on our menu that we can include for you. Once we receive your suggestions, ( submissions due by Nov 21) we will have a vote conducted by our owner, wait and kitchen staff and members and narrow them down to one favorite. If it's your meal that we pick, we'll add it to our menu and you get a free dessert or appetizer, (your choice). You can also help us brand it with a great name. So, go to our Contact page today, send in your suggestions and help us make your favorite restaurant even better.

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Unknown member
Jan 15, 2022

It's high noon... An in-control Sanders could be dangerous: Spencer Sanders doesn't want his coach to get any grief for starting him this season. He's ready to get started and prove himself as the leader for this Cowboy team. If he keeps his eye on the prize and stays true the player he is, it could be dangerous for Oklahoma State's opponents. "I was so big on getting the big play and stuff like that because I was young," Sanders said. "I wanted to go deep. I wanted a touchdown. I wanted to score. Now I'm more about patience, timing, get the first down. If I have a shot, I take the shot. But I'll take the first do…


Tagliatelle carbonara. (Real recipe, without cream)


Unknown member
Nov 11, 2020

Steak braciole !

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